The Infamous Flourless Chocolate Cookie (GF)


So, obviously, I started a blog. I went gluten-free about a month ago, and ever since I’ve wanted to note my journey somehow. Especially to keep track of delicious, simple recipes that would help me through this major change. To start this blog, I recently made the Flourless Chocolate Cookies that seem to pop-up on pinterest every time you scroll through the Food & Drink section! These delicious little suckers are easy to make (they tout that they have a lot less calories than other cookies – but I’m pretty skeptical that they can’t be too darn healthy with this much chocolate and powdered sugar!). Either way, they are an easy, delicious treat. My only advice would be to let the dough set a bit before you roll the cookies out, they seem to set a bit better that way.

Mission: Create a delicious, easy, non-expensive GF cookie for all.

Mission accomplished.


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